Hrim Rivers

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The Hrim Rivers consist of several related rivers that crosses the Midrealms, and the eastern Southrealms. They originate in the mountains of Hrimdúnum that separates the Midrealms from the Westlands and are together some of the longest rivers in all of the Realms.

The northern section of Hrim Rivers consist of Hrimmi, Hrimcigel and the Hrimtie until the three join the Vasjtail to become part of the Vasjflows that leads to the ocean. Long before records began, the whole chain of rivers had names relating to its origin.

The southern section of the Hrim Rivers is said to share a source with the northern ones, hence the collective name, but this is unknown whether true or false. What is known is that the southern section also originates in the southern peaks of Hrimdúnum called the Hrimgefyllan an branches off into a second stream at the city of Asmeagan in the Asmeagan kingdom called the Hrimgefrac to the east. The two streams follow fairly parallel to each other almost straight south to the ocean in the eastern parts of Southrealms.