Sickle Spire Complex

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Schematic of the whole Sickle Spire Complex.
A sketched overview of the structures of the Spire complex.
Sketch of the Spire without the surrounding Octagon walls.
Sketch of the corner structures of the Octagon inner walls of the Sickle headquarters.
Sketch of the structure of the surrounding Octagon walls around the Spire.

The Spire (also known as the Octagon) is the famous/infamous Sickle tower of magi in the city of Capitoleum. It is the tallest structure in the Midrealms. The name "the Spire" also refers to the entire Sickle Spire Complex. The original designs of the Spire tower were made by Harald the Builder as a sign of appreciation for the help provided by the Sickle during the Warlock Wars, Conquests and the Great Build.

A similar tower is constructed in Newtown, called the Small Octagon.

Spire Complex

The Spire is located in the west part of Capitoleum called Westfield and consists of the actual tower (the Spire) as well as protecting concentric walls outside; the Octagon Walls that are built in an octagonal star shape with eight impressive forts located one in each corner of the star and the Sickle Ring Wall which is a perfect circle supported by eight tower gates and an additional 24 guard stations.

The tower is built on top of a section of the cavern system under Capitoleum that is also used for it's famous sewage system. It is the tallest building in Capitoleum as well as the known world. At its core are a number of arc supports that also creates the Hall of the Magi in the centre of the tower.

Though unknown to the populace, the tower is fitted with numerous Thundercatchers as it is struck by lightning numerous times per year.

Spire tower structure

All essential activities take place in the Spire tower itself, like magical research, libraries or training. Most staff here live outside the Octagon Walls in the Servant Octate but a small core staff that are on duty during the night generally have rooms either in the tower or in the courtyard. Each floor also has a Floor Manager responsible for that particular floor.

Inside the walls and outside the Spire (the Spire Courtyard) there are planted trees and lawns close to the tower as well as numerous buildings attached to the walls where more important crafting takes place, storage areas, stables, important staff housing and Sickle Regulars Barracks.

Spire Roof

  • Observatory
  • High Dovecot
  • Grand Administrator's Office
    • Grand Administrator's Apartment
  • Circles' Hall - Council chamber for Upper and Full circles
  • Treasury

The Wooden Floor

  • Stuff

Spire Tower

  • Top Floor
    • Water Cistern
  • Unspecified Floor
    • Message Centrum
    • Libraries (3)
    • Magus Apartments
    • Unqualified Magus Rooms
    • Sickle Phrontistery
      • Phrontistery Library
      • Phrontistery Hall (Sickle School Assembly)
      • Hypernatural College Wing
        • Boys Dormitory
        • Girls Dormitory
      • Hypernatural School Wing
        • Boys Dormitory
        • Girls Dormitory
      • Ring Training Wing
        • Boys Dormitory
        • Girls Dormitory
      • Isolation Chambers
    • Guest Apartments
    • Guest Rooms
    • Studies (research rooms)
    • Seminariums (conference rooms)

Spire Bastion

  • Second floor / Third floor
    • Seminariums (conference rooms)

Spire Foot

  • First Floor
    • Mundane-facing Offices
    • Mundane Offices
    • First Floor Manager's Office
  • Ground Floor
    • Hall of the Magi (floor 0-8)
    • Seminariums (conference rooms)
    • Tea Rooms
    • Art galleries
    • Public Access Library
    • Chapel
    • Prayer room
    • Health Care Reception
    • Accidents & Emergencies
    • Entrance Floor Manager's Office
    • 16 Lavatories



  • Baths - "Heat exchanger"
    • Steam Rooms
  • Below Stairs
  • Kitchen
  • The Furnace
  • Scullery
  • Cheese storage
  • Other storage (cold etc)

Games Arena



  • Jail cells
    • Regular
    • Safe
  • Crypt
  • Archives
  • Vault

Spire Courtyard

  • High end crafting stuff
  • Magi's Stables
  • Inner Barracks
  • Inner Smithy
  • Public Access Library


The Octagon is an octagonal star wall structure strengthened with forts in each corner of the star and is often mistaken for the name of the entire coplex. It can be easy to see the similarities with this architecture and forts from the late medieval period, but the design was not primarily made for this purpose. As with much of the Spire architecture, it was more a matter of grand design ideals than a particular advantage. Each of the eight forts is still impressive and are larger than many keeps found in the Midrealm kingdoms.

Outside the Octagon Walls and inside the Ring Wall are eight equally large sections called the "Octates". Each has a particular purpose such as housing all of the military or as a recreational park.

Octagon Walls

Octagon Forts (8)

  • Mage Towers (16)

Octates (8) - One stable, at least, in each Octate

  • Craftsman Octate
    • Smithy
    • Carpenter
    • Cooper
  • Work Octate - Commoners work area
  • South Reception
    • Import/Export preparation
    • Greenhouses
  • Servant Octate - Majority of servants - "Below stairs"
    • Chapel
    • Domiciles
  • Octagon Glen - Known for odd birds nesting here and strangely coloured fishes in the ponds
    • Southern Octagon Glen
    • Northern Octagon Glen
      • Herb garden
  • North Reception
    • Import/Export preparation
    • Greenhouses
  • Arms Octate - Headquarter of the Sickle Regulars
    • Place of Arms - Covered area for troops to assemble
    • Barracks
    • Special Operations

Sickle Ring Wall


  • Sickle Ringroad
  • Newtown Street
  • Sickle Pier Street
  • Sickle Arms Street

Gate Towers

  • North Gate Tower
  • Newtown Gate Tower
  • East Gate Tower
  • Pier Gate Tower
  • Harbour Gate Tower
  • Glen Gate Tower
  • West Gate Tower
  • Arms Gate Tower

Guard Stations (24)