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Note: Controller is now the minor and Manipulator the major. Updates in progress.

The education centre within the Sickle, or Sickle Phrontistery, takes care of everything from basic training to support and guidance during original research on the Hypernatural Controller level, to become a full-fledged mage: a Diplomed Magus.

Normal age Schooling Title Diploma Years
21 Finished Diplomed Magus of the Circle N/A Life
18 to 21 Research Hypernatural Manipulator Diploma of the Magus 3
16 to 18 College Hypernatural Controller Hypernatural Manipulator Diploma 2
10 to 16 School Neophyte Hypernatural Controller Diploma 6
4-7 to 10 Initiation Mentee Ring Training Final Grades 3-6

The Sickle Phrontistery' (also known as Sickle Mage School) is the organisation within the Sickle that trains gifted young people to enable them to graduate as Diplomed Magi.

The official term for a fully trained mage, Wizard, Sorcerer, or whatever term is used by people, is to be a Diplomed Magus (which is the rough equivalence of a Degree in modern terms). It includes a large amount of schooling from a young age in various topics besides the Arcane, more specific training during the person's teens as well as original research in late teens. The schooling is adapted to each individual but if the young mage is particularly gifted they are given additional research (an merit) for the Diploma of the Magus until graduation the year they turn 21 as the Sickle doesn't want there to be too young mages running about.


Magi call students by their titles or in general term "the Cohort". An individual is called by name (not House Name) until they graduate (Hn) School, by which time they are referred to as "HC" and their House Name (if they have one) or name. Should more than one sibling of a House be present, their full name is used. After graduation from (Hn) College, a student is referred to as "HM" and their name in the same manner as a School graduate.

Students are matriculated (written in) as soon as their gift shows, or when a noble family decides to send their child. Regardless of age, some "ring training" is required (for nobles, this is folded in to other teaching).

The education is spilt into three terms per year, starting in the late summer weeks until Midwinter with a break for the festivals, a second term until the Gwennport Carnival and a third term until the late spring break that lasts over the summer. The support from Artipellin is the main reason why the Gwennport Carnival is the time for a semester break.

Tourists and Tenants

The individuals learning at the Sickle are generally divided into 'tourists' and 'tenants' by the students. They are not derogatory term but define the nobles or rich merchant children who spend a few years learning the basics as well as some mundane topics and the students who, for one reason or another, will stay for life. Sometimes, 'tenants' are instead called 'lifers'. The second term can be used for fully trained Magi who are very 'patriotic' about the Sickle as a whole. Especially noble born mages who choose to commit and become full Magi can be called lifers since they actively choose against their own family heritage.

There can be negative connotations to these labels and tenants certainly do look at tourists as less serious students. At the same time, tourists may not even be there by their own choice and looks down upon tenants who usually have no other choice but to stay. Naturally, to openly show disdain can be dangerous as tenants do tend to become full Magi and may be a bit of an issue if they still hold resentment as an adult.

Manual labour

Studying is intermingeled with hard physical labour such as cleaning pots and pans in the enormous Spire Kitchen, emptying latrines and other tasks under the watchful eye of Madam Amni, the Kitchen Mistress, that would have been much easier to hire people to do. The Sickle feels that hard labour is a way to clear one's mind and to learn better and has the motto of "idle hands are evil hands".

Safety first

At the end of each day, the children are treated with a Radiation Sponge (or "The Sponge"), absorbing excess amounts of magical energies. This is primarily done to ensure they don't activate abilities while dreaming, but the energies are also used within the Sickle for things like lamps and other low-quality magical functions. As a Mentee, the cohort is relieved of all excess energy but after completing qualifications throughout the schooling she will be allowed to keep an increasing amount. Even full Magi have to donate some magical energy, however.


The below mentioned ages are a ganeral rule of thumb. Some students are kept back a year or pushed forward as needed and it also varies depending on the level of academic education before joining. A new gifted individual who can not read or write at age 12 will stay in Ring Training until she is able to read and write at a basic level.

Mundane subjects

  • Exotic Languages
    • Acci (magical language of the hawks)
    • Elven
    • Draconic (magical language of the dragons)
    • Dwarwish
    • Veni (language of magic)
  • Arcana
  • Mathematics
  • Basic alchemy
  • Religion
  • History

The Demon Summoner

A formerly beloved teacher, Maristos, was found to have summoned demons (some say was a member of the Scythe) and killed several young boys. Following this incident just a few years ago there is now always one mentor sleeping in each of the children's wards. It isn't the most popular assignment.




  • Type: Initiation - ("Ring Training")
  • Title: Mentee/Cohort
  • Ages: Start at 4-7
  • Years: Up to 6 (until age of 10)
  • Lodging: Dormitory with 6 beds
  • Donation: All excess magic potential at end of day
  • Requirement: Minimal hypernatural control; written tests in mundane subjects
  • Qualification: Ring Training Final Grades
  • Signet: N/A
  • New title: Neophyte

All young would-be mages are Initiated in the Spire located in Capitoleum in what is sometimes called Ring Training. They are initiated at a young age (at what time they are found to have the "spark") and are taught basic controls on the channelling abilities the child has shown but most of the focus lies in general schooling such as mathematics, history, nobility, religion, languages, etc. The focus is largely on memorisation of facts like Noble houses and historical events, but some practical exercises are also included.

The Sickle feels hard manual labour is especially important for young minds to keep them occupied and "not too energetic".

Male and female children are separated into different Cohorts. Though Mentee is the official term for a young mage in training, they are usually referred to as Cohorts.

Metees studying to get the Ring Training Final Grades live in the Ring Training Wing in dormitories of 6 students.

At the end of the Initiation, children recieves their Ring Training Final Grades.

Hypernatural School

  • Type: School
  • Title: Neophyte
  • Ages: 10-16
  • Years: 6
  • Lodging: Dormitory with 4 beds
  • Donation: All excess magic potential at end of day
  • Requirement: Physical and theoretical in hypernatural control; written tests in mundane subjects
  • Qualification: Hypernatural Controller Diploma
  • Signet: Hypernatural Controller Pin
  • New title: Hypernatural Controller (HnC) ("junior mage")

Mostly just referred to as "School" within the Sickle, education includes the main chunk of training for the use of magic (or "hypernatural force control"). The School involves successively less manual labour over the six year period but is otherwise similar to Initiation.

Throughout school, students continue to be treated with a Radiation Sponge at the end of each day, unless exercises demand some channelling ability be retained over night.

Following this six-year period, Neophytes can attempt to get their Hypernatural Controller Diploma (and a Hypernatural Controller Pin), which basically makes them a "junior mage" or Hypernatural Controller (HnC) and enables them to work for the Sickle in the breaks and earn money. As a Hypernatural Controller, they leave School and join the College.

Neophytes studying to get the HnC Diploma live in the School Wing in bunks of four students.

Hypernatural College

  • Type: College
  • Title: Hypernatural Controller (HnC) ("junior mage")
  • Ages: 16-18
  • Years: 2
  • Lodging: Dormitory with 2 beds
  • Donation: 1/2 of magic potential per day
  • Requirement: Final projects in selected and compulsory subjects
  • Qualification: Diploma of the Magus
  • Signet: Hypernatural Manipulator Ring
  • New title: Hypernatural Manipulator (HnM) ("unqualified magus")

Like the School it is mostly referred to as "the College", students are now expected to take more responsibility for their training and are granted more freedom. Studying takes on more researching elements, but generally involves nothing original. A lot of time and effort are spent on references and commenting on others' works.

The student now also choose a bit more about what to study and joins slightly larger cohorts (if there are any at the time). This specialisation doesn't have to be related to magic, but can be things like languages, history, archeology or politics. Regardless, a significant portion of the time in College is devoted to the hypernatural.

The Sponge is still used on HnCs, but is instead limited to roughly half of their potential. They are assisted using the device to avoid cheating.

HnCs are also allowed to leave the Spire unsupervised, and usually enjoy this newfound freedom immensely. Students who misbehave outside of the Ring Walls are severely punished, however, and absolutely no use of magic is allowed outside the Octagon.

HnCs produce final projects in their selected and compulsory subjects, and if they are all accepted by their superiors, they receive the Hypernatural Manipulator Diploma and a Hypernatural Manipulator Ring.

HnCs studying for the HnM Diploma live in the College Wing in dormitories with students.

Hypernatural Research

  • Type: Research
  • Title: Hypernatural Manipulator (HnM) ("Unqualified Magus")
  • Ages: 18-21
  • Years: 3
  • Lodging: Own, sparse, room in Unqualified Magi Quarters
  • Donation: 1/4 of magic potential per day
  • Requirement: Original research
  • Qualification: Diploma of the Magus
  • Signet: Sickle Magus Ring
  • New title: Diplomed Magus of the Circle (DM) ("Magus")
  • Donation after diploma: 15% of magic potential per day

Having finished College, an Unqualified Magus (or Hypernatural Manipulator, HnMs) is now able to work full-time for the Sickle and only need to donate 1/5th of their abilities to the guild. HCs are allowed to take a year or more to do work within the guild rather than continue to produce their own research but are eventually encouraged to do so.

The research is supported by a mentor and a HnM is allowed to request help from any non-Administrator mage (but they can also help, if they want to) but are expected to complete the actual work themselves. This is the time where the becoming mage talks to different circles and starts to form an opinion of which one she wants to join upon becoming a Diplomed Magus of the Circle.

After finishing the research and having it Opposed by senior staff members in a hearing, the former student receives the Diploma of the Magus and the Sickle Magus Ring that is appropriate for the Circle she has choosen. For example, this may be the Circle of the Tiger and so she is then a full-fledged Diplomed Magus of the Circle of the Tiger.

Some researchers finish all of the educational diplomas and research before the year they turn 21. In those cases, additional research is generally added and they graduate with a more full set. The Sickle doesn't want too young people becoming mages.

HnMs studying to become full Magi live in the Unqualified Magi Quarters in personal, but sparse, rooms.

Nobles and Hypernatural Training

  • Type: School
  • Title: Neophyte
  • Ages: 7-18
  • Years: 2-4 (min 2 years, usually 4 if there is a spark)
  • Lodging: Dormitory with 2 beds
  • Donation: All excess magic potential at end of day
  • Requirement: Physical and theoretical in hypernatural control; written tests in mundane subjects
  • Qualification: Hypernatural Controller Diploma
  • Signet: Hypernatural Controller Pin
  • New title: Hypernatural Controller (HnC) ("junior mage", "registered", "tourist")
  • Donation after School: 1/4 of magic potential per day

The Sickle offers training for nobles in both magical skills as well as ordinary lessons. It is a service they charge for and many Houses choose to send their children there instead of having a mentor for the time period. Children without magical potential use an Assisting Pendant to acquire the skills in case they start showing the spark later on in life. It is essentially a "light" version of the Hypernatural Controller School.

All noble children that attends the Sickle Phrontistery go through the exercises and graduates (well, most do) the Hypernatural School. An important difference between noble children and everyone else is that they are given more options if they do have a spark. They can choose to leave their house and join the Sickle, they can choose to not join the Sickle and simply go home after they have shown they can use their powers or they can agree to have a null sign tattoed on them, like regular children.

Noble children with a spark are also not treated the same as ordinary children. Recognising the importance of good standing with Houses, the Sickle allows these children to just go through a custom version of the School; in most cases it is a shorter course with less mundane topics and just controlling techniques. While at the Sickle, they are, however, still subjected to hard physical labour that the possibly spoiled children are not allowed to "outsource" with bribes. They have to earn their Hypernatural Manipulator Diploma and Pin like everyone else.

However, after receiving their diplomas they are allowed to go home and go about their lives as long as magic is never used in a disruptive way and as long as they donate a portion of their magical powers to the Sickle and promise on their life that they will not use their magic to summon demons or to influence the politics of the Realms.

These children who don't plan on joining the Sickle are often called "tourists" by the children that do have a spark and does stay, regardless of social stature.

Should a gifted noble child choose to finish her education in the arcane and join with the Sickle, she will have to swear the oaths of allegiance; to promise to forsake blood bands for her gifted brothers and sisters if the choice ever came up. Children who do this are often called "tenants".

The years noble children are sent to the Sickle varies, as does the duration, but usually they are sent there between the ages of seven and fourteen and stay for just a few years.

See: Mage School feat

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